Book Awards Season

Book Awards Season

BOTYA_FinalistIn the publishing industry, late Spring is the time for Book Awards.  From big name publishers like Random House all the way to the independent houses (such as Hale Publishing), everyone eagerly awaits the results that are usually announced at the Book Expo America and/or the American Library Association conference and exhibit.  Yours truly is no exception!  Since I do all my own marketing and publicity I have been applying for and sending in copies of my book to various the book awards that are available to independent authors and publishers.  So far I have heard back from three out of the four that I entered and I am eagerly awaiting the final results!  To say this is somewhat nerve-racking is an understatement to say the least…

Book awards are important to authors as it verifies to us that others in the book publishing industry view our writing as worthy and well-done.  It also gives a boost for marketing and publicity since a book that says ‘Award Winning’ on the cover with a shiny gold sticker gets into the hands of reviewers quicker, lands on the table at the local bookstore with the cover facing out, and sells more copies than one without.  As an author, being able to say that I am an ‘Award Winning author’ can also make a difference when trying to convince conference planners to have me speak, or a publisher to take a chance on another book idea of mine.

So with that in mind, I am happy to announce that my book is a Finalist in the category for the Foreword Reviews BOTYA 2010 and the Winners will be announced at the ALA next month.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my book will be honored with a Gold, Silver or Bronze award.  You can view my book here:

I am still awaiting the results of the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) process and the National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) and should know the results of both within the next month as well!

Here’s to hoping for the best…

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