Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are Joining Forces

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are Joining Forces


Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are Joining Forces

Tacoma, Washington and Fayetteville, North Carolina – April 25, 2017 – Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are proud to announce their intent to merge to better provide world-class information, advocacy, and support to breastfeeding military families.

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are both pioneers in the world of breastfeeding support within military communities. The two organizations have separate, but overlapping, missions. Breastfeeding in Combat Boots provides advocacy, information, and support for breastfeeding mothers serving on Active Duty, in the National Guard, and in the Reserves. Mom2Mom Global is the only breastfeeding support group dedicated specifically to providing support, education, and advocacy for U.S. military families worldwide, including those stationed overseas.

Robyn Roche-Paull, U.S. Navy veteran, author and Executive Director of Breastfeeding in Combat Boots, is pleased with the merger. “Merging the two organizations together as a single nonprofit organization will better utilize resources and serve the separate but united communities. Joining together will broaden both organizations reach and ability to support breastfeeding mothers and families worldwide to be successful.”

“We have long considered Breastfeeding in Combat Boots to be the premier resource and authority for breastfeeding military servicemembers,” continued Amy Barron Smolinski, Executive Director of Mom2Mom Global. “We are very excited by the opportunities this merger will afford us to work closely together to provide a seamless network of support for all who are breastfeeding in the military, whether spouses or servicemembers, in meeting their individual infant feeding goals. We have always thought of Breastfeeding in Combat Boots as a sister organization, and this merger formalizes this relationship and strengthens both our missions.”

Looking to the future, Breastfeeding in Combat Boots and Mom2Mom Global are excited to work together to expand both reach and services to military families worldwide. Together, the organizations will provide support, education and advocacy for breastfeeding military families around the world.


Mom2Mom Global logoAmy Barron Smolinski
Executive Director
Mom2Mom Global


Breastfeeding in Combat Boots logoRobyn Roche-Paull
Executive Director
Breastfeeding in Combat Boots



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